Delivery Policy

Each of our clients and their order is more valuable for us. Similarly, we are trying to our best in delivery commitment. We never use any kind of fake account, VPN or any other automatic boot that harms our client’s business. We only collect reviews of interested people through marketing of client’s business in internet world. Since our services are not owned so, delivery times are often short or long.

The reasons are as follows-

1. Delivery time may be delayed if review site update or algo change.
2. Since we collect reviews of interested people through marketing, in many cases it takes time to find interested people. Therefore, it is the main reason for an order delivery delay.
3. Delivery time is delayed because the review is not published in spam, strike, blacklisted URL.

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We are tech company founded in 2017. Our aim is to create best solutions for Digital Marketing services and many more. We do give importance to customer experience. When you try our services, we guarantee that you will never regret it!
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Copyright by BuyLocalReviews. All rights reserved.

Copyright by BuyLocalReviews. All rights reserved.